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Calculating federal and regional vehicle tax components has never been easier.

TAXO provides an online vehicle tax calculator and an Excel interface as well as a fully-fledged API.

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TAXO Calculates:


Benefit in Kind


Registration Tax


Yearly Circulation Tax


CO2 Solidarity Contribution


Cost Deductibility


VAT Deductibility

About TAXO

TAXO is created by Febiac, the Belgian Federation for Automobility, and covers both federal and regional taxes (Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders). The calculation engine is based on an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the vehicle industry and the vehicle tax domain in particular, in Belgium.

You can use TAXO in 3 ways:

Using the online webinterface on this website, you can perform basic vehicle tax calculations. This is a simple interface but with limited input parameters and limited usage in time.

With TAXO Excel you will be able to calculate vehicle taxes for multiple vehicles in one go using Microsoft Excel.

If you want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the TAXO engine and use it in your own application, we offer the TAXO API. Using the API you can embed the TAXO calculator in any way you want into your own application, e.g. your own car configurator, your own online tax calculator, your tender/offer backend, etc.

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Unique in its kind

TAXO consolidates all vehicle tax components and aspects in one platform, one interface.
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